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Quick start guide – in pictures

November 1, 2010 1 comment
How do you get started on Coloci? Its quick and simple – 3 easy steps below.
1. Sign up – using your existing social network or Google / Yahoo / MSN etc id, or create a new account on Coloci using your personal email.
2. Invite your friends – easy! Simply import your existing contacts from Facebook / Twitter / Gmail / Outlook etc, and invite them to sign up.


How to invite friends

Invite friends

3. Add Trips/Activities – if you have any upcoming ones (dont worry if you dont, because even if your friends come near you, you will get alerts on the Radar).

coloci add trip

add trips or activities

4. Optional – Setup work or daytime address if you want to get alerts when friends come near your workplace or school, simply enter that special address under ‘Profile & Privacy -> Home & Work Address’. We already have your home address covered, but you can change it here too. If you dont feel like giving a street address, omit it. We only need city, state and country (oh, btw, Coloci works globally! 🙂

coloci work address

work address and recurring schedule

Now, sit back, relax, and enjoy the Radar! 🙂

coloci radar

Radar! Alerts if your friends will be near you

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