We highly value your privacy. We want you to be in control of your information, what you share and who you share it with. We have implemented many features that we hope will address your privacy concerns when using Coloci.

  • We do not track you via the phone, or otherwise.
    • Coloci gives you control over your information. Unless you tell Coloci where you will be, it doesn’t know. Pure “Opt-in”. We strongly believe in Privacy.
  • We don’t spam your friends when you sign up.
    • When you sign up on Coloci using your social network credentials, we do not message all your friends about it nor invite them to sign up on Coloci.
  • You can choose the friends you want to invite from your social networks.
    • When you import your contacts from Facebook, Gmail etc, we do not automatically invite all of them to sign up on Coloci. We let you pick the ones you want to invite. Invite All is optional, but provided for convenience.
  • You can create custom Groups of friends to control what activities are shared with whom.
    • We provide you 3 groups out of the box: “Friends” “Family” & “Colleagues”. You can create your own like “Close friends”, “Acquaintances” etc to control who sees what.
  • Your location updates are not public.
    • When you add an activity/trip, you can choose the Groups you want to share it with. Only those people can see it and get notified about it. Posting to Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter is optional, but provided for convenience.
  • You can hide your phone number and street address for any activity.
    • Going for a family reunion and don’t want to disclose your street address? Sure. Going for a conference and want to disclose both? Sure.
  • Your email is not visible to any member, unless they are connected to you.
    • When someone searches for you using the menu Invite Friends -> Search Friends, we don’t display emails in the results unless the friend is already in your Imported Contacts. We show only the city, state, country – so you can locate the right person. This applies to all the ways someone can Invite you (via Recent Connections, Activity update emails etc).
  • More…
    • We don’t save your password when you import contacts.
    • You can selectively import activities from your existing calendars (via .ics files).
    • You can put a friend in your Group (say “Acquaintance”) independent of their Group for you (say “Friend”). In other words, you can classify them as you wish, without getting affected by their loose categorization of you.
    • Reduce your social noise, by setting up rules for Alerts if a connection will be nearby. Very powerful! (Alerts Setup menu).
    • Hide the street address and phone number for your Home and Work locations, by default (goto Profile & Privacy -> Home & Work Address).
    • We require that your email address be verified before you can sign in to your Coloci account, or when you associate a social network id with your Coloci account. We know you want to sign in as soon as you sign up, but we do this to protect your information. Sorry for the brief inconvenience.
  • Don’t want to…
    • Don’t want to get notified each time a connection add/updates an activity? Turn it off (Profile & Privacy -> Notifications), or choose to get Alerts only when an event matches your Alert criteria (Alerts Setup).
    • Don’t want to associate a location with your activity, but only want to share a block of available time with your network? Just add a Trip to a ‘Virtual Address’ (no location, just a from and to time).
    • Don’t want to let Coloci send email & SMS updates to your connections when you add an activity? Easy. Just check the “Don’t notify connections about this trip…” at the bottom of the Add Trip page.
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