Coloci Twitter feature ! Tweet your activities or trips to Coloci to update your locations. Details.

Coloci Mobile Web Appm.coloci.com. (iPhone, Android, Blackberry)

Coloci SMS ! Add an activity / trip via SMS, and your friends get a free SMS update too. Details.

Add your Profile Picture (upload from Facebook / computer).

Share (post) your trips / activities to friends on Facebook, LinkedIn and TwitterSee how.

Quick sign up with your existing social network Ids (such as Facebook, Yahoo, LinkedIn, OpenId etc). If you dont have any of these, simply sign up directly on Coloci.

Search ‘n invite friends already on Coloci.

Click ‘n connect with your friends’ connections.

Search the map to quickly locate exotic locations when adding a new trip.

Customize the Alerts to your needs, and reduce your social noise. Get alerts based on how far a friend has traveled to come near you.

Import your existing contacts from Google, Yahoo, LinkedIn, Facebook and more, and easily invite your friends to join.

Import your existing events from Outlook, or other web based calendars (using the iCalendar format).

Seeing is believing. Checkout the features below.

coloci - radar and tabs

radar and tabs, providing info around your location

coloci add trip

add a trip in less than 10s

coloci - recent updates

coloci - recent updates

coloci - recent connections

recent connections

coloci - alert rules

coloci - alert rules

coloci radar and tab with find nearby

radar and tab with find nearby

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